Morris And Co. Arts And Crafts Recoil Arm Chair. Upholstered With ORIGINAL William Morris Fabric.


A wonderful piece. In excellent condition.


140cm (height)x 80cm (width)x 75cm (depth)


Morris chairs feature a seat with a reclining back and moderately high armrests, which give the chair an old-style appearance. The characteristic feature of a Morris chair is a hinged back, set between two un-upholstered arms, with the reclining angle adjusted through a row of pegs, holes or notches in each arm. In other instances, the reclining of the back is controlled by a metal bar set in hooked back racks. The original Morris chair had dark stained woodwork, turned spindles and heavily decorated upholstery, in typical Victorian style.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Morris And Co.Arts And Crafts Recoil Arm Chair. Upholstered With ORIGINAL Fabric

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